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Red Planet, UK is a development driven organisation focused on niche security products for Retail and Education. We work closely with our clients to provide and develop solutions to their varied security problems.

Specialising in Retail & Computer Security

Red Planet, UK Anti shoplifting devices
Our anti-shoplifting devices are designed with customers in mind; whilst the need to preventing shoplifting is important we must not forget the main objective of retail is to sell merchandise to its customers.

Red Planetís systems not only prevent shoplifting but are unobtrusive in appearance and do not spoil the merchandising displays shops work so hard to achieve.

Anti shoplifting devices rely on retail staff to operate them effectively in preventing shoplifting on a day-to-day basis and in our experience the simpler the systems are to operate the more effective they will be in preventing shoplifting - all our systems are designed with ease of function in mind.

Our products fall into three main categories:
Redtrak: For protecting TV, Audio, and Electrical Goods in retail environments
Garmentgrip: For protecting expensive Garments and Leathers in a retail environments.
Assetscan: For protecting Computer Equipment in Universities and Colleges

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Red Planet, UK - Suppliers of Anti Shoplifting Devices preventing shoplifting  and providing security for your business

Red Planet Products Ltd, 21 Elm grove Road, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0EJ, Registered in England, Registration No. 04126512